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CloneSleuth™ automatically collects and compares patient notes documentation within the electronic health record to identify high-risk provider behavior precipitated by using the EHR’s copy-paste and copy-forward functionality.

CloneSleuth also allows you to proactively search this historical data to pinpoint other inaccuracies in the patient billing, resulting in measurable improvements in patient care and billing.

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The Beneficiaries of Actionable Information

Compliance & Audit

Automatically pinpoints physician copy-paste note cloning to guide clinician education programs, catch potential billing errors and other patient record inaccuracies. Provides reporting for CMS and OIG. More

Billing & Coding

Quickly perform patient audits to identify and remedy improper medical code entries. Accrue evidence to counteract insurance denial of work performed. Catch billing errors before an auditor does. More

Revenue Integrity Group

Link physician performance to compensation. Helps ensure physicians get compensated for work completed while catching billing errors. Delivers evidential proof of non-compliance for clinician education. More

Health Information Management

CloneSleuth provides Health Information Management (HIM) personnel with a solution to ensure coded data is accurately inputted in the patient record by identifying instances of potential abuse of patient note cloning. More

Physician Department Leadership

Automatically provides a list of top providers with non-compliant, high risk behavior for individual educational follow-up to meet your hospital’s expectations for clinical documentation integrity.

Appeals Specialist

Provides the ability to instantly search as far back in a patient’s medical record as necessary to find the clinical support you need when CMS or a Third-party payor has denied a claim.

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