Free Yourself from the Risks of Copy-Paste

Compliance & Audit

CloneSleuth automatically detects patient documentation within the electronic health record that contains inappropriate levels of data created with copy-paste functionality. With the specific clinical note cloning that CloneSleuth uncovers, your compliance and other operational departments have the data they need to determine:

  • If any cloned notes resulted in fraudulent billing
  • If a patient’s record is accurate
  • Where education programs need to be targeted
  • Whether education programs are successful in the future

CloneSleuth puts the collective data of patient record notes to work for you, providing you the evidential proof you need to help:

Improve Revenue integrity – The HHS’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) has recently included copy-paste as an area of focus, noting how the practice fails to maintain an accurate picture of care.

“When doctors, nurses, or other clinicians copy-paste information but fail to update it or ensure accuracy, inaccurate information may enter the patient’s medical record and inappropriate charges may be billed to patients and third-party health care payers…inappropriate copy-pasting could facilitate attempts to inflate claims and duplicate or create fraudulent claims.” — HHS-OIG Report, 2014.

Improve Patient Care – The use of copy-paste without appropriate updates can harm patients when clinicians are forced to sift through masses of irrelevant documentation to try to determine the current status of a patient or when medical errors occur because clinicians are relying on outdated information to make critical decisions.

Establish Clinician Education – Physicians might not even know what practices are acceptable. The OIG reports that only 25% of hospitals have policies in place regarding the use of copy-paste. CloneSleuth uncovers examples that can help guide you as you develop policies to train and measure your staff on when copy-paste use is appropriate and when it is detrimental to your hospital’s commitment to patient record accuracy.

"There is no rationale for two days of progress notes being exactly the same. CloneSleuth looks at every note every day to identify these events."

Greg Ator, MD, FACS
CMIO, Senior Medical Director
University of Kansas Hospital
University of Kansas Physicians