It’s like hiring a team of investigators

Revenue Integrity Group

In today’s healthcare landscape, it is vital that healthcare organizations implement a well-developed revenue integrity process. This process engages teamwork across hospital departments, and its physician groups, in order to ensure accurate data management and effective documentation. CloneSleuth ensure that the cross-functional team, strategic process, and tools needed for effective data management are in position for ensuring revenue integrity.

CloneSleuth changes this paradigm by providing your Revenue Integrity department the ability to identify individual patient records where the propensity of billing errors exist. By identifying high-risk provider behavior through inappropriate usages of copy-paste and copy-forwarding functionality, CloneSleuth enables you to tap into the entire universe of patient record notes to:

Reduce Revenue Leakage – CloneSleuth uncovers instances of lost revenues by identifying incorrect codes on claims, insufficient access to code changes and compliance regulations, inconsistent assignment of CPT codes, missing codes, lack of communication between clinical and financial staff, pricing that doesn’t cover costs, inefficient internal processes, and more.

Confirm Physician Compensation – Situations of copy-paste have resulted in clinicians being compensated for patient care they did not perform. While these incidences are rare, CloneSleuth provides you the ability to uncover them by identifying a subset of instances to investigate where a propensity of high-risk activity exists.

“There is no rationale for two days of progress notes being exactly the same. CloneSleuth looks at every note every day for identifying these events."

Greg Ator, MD, FACS
CMIO, Senior Medical Director
University of Kansas Hospital
University of Kansas Physicians